Caramulo, the water that Joins Us Together!


What stands out in Caramulo water?

Since 1984, it is the water that starts out and comes directly from the mountain in its purest state, having already been awarded as one of the best spring water, for being pure, crystal clear and of superior quality.

Caramulo is almost a secret and enchanting place, with contrasts and a variety of sceneries among peaks and valleys, where the fresh air invites you to discover every corner.

Endowed with a stunning landscape, full of courses of clear water and refreshing waterfalls, our mountain conquers everything and everyone during your visit.

Feel Caramulo here

We offer a range of products designed for diversified family consumption, featuring the 0,33L, 0,50L, 1,5L bottle and the 6L. carboy format.

Our kids’ line has recently been launched. It was created with children's daily lives in mind, being the perfect solution to accompany the little ones' meals and snacks. For those who prefer hiking or sports, we created the moove line, a 0.50L bottle that is an ally of well-being, quality of life and comfort.

A Premium Bottle was designed for Canal Horeca (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés), thinking of the total commitment to environmental responsibility, being a plastic bottle, but 100% recycled.

It features an elegant, conforming, lightweight and easy-to-handle design.

A neutral pH to maintain your balance

Did you know that our body tries to keep the blood at a stable pH (close to 7)?






Water, like all other food, plays a fundamental role in maintaining this balance, through what is called the "Potential Renal Acid Load" (PRAL index).

In general, if we eat more acidic foods and drinks, and more often, the tendency will be to get minerals such as calcium (from bones) to neutralize these substances, which harm our bone health.

Águas do Caramulo has one of the most balanced pH on the market, which it is the closest to the neutral value. Protect yourself and take care of your health.

Feel the pureness of the mountain.

The pleasure of feeling our clear, pure and crystalline water. Also be dazzled by our refreshing waterfalls.

Our range of products

Águas do Caramulo have always been distinguished by the colour of the bottles. They feature a bluish tone and exemplary ergonomics in each format presented.


The composition of our water

Parameter Result
pH 6,68
Conductivity 72,3 μS/cm
Resistivity 1,38E+4
Total alkalinity 20,1 mg(CaCO3)/L
Silica 25 mg(SiO2)/L
Mineralização total 79 mg/L
Bicarbonate 24,6 mg(HCO3)/L
Chloride 4,8 mg/L
Fluoride 0,1 mg/L
Nitrate 1,1 mg(NO3)/L
Sulfate 7,4 mg(SO4)/L
Calcium 2,7 mg/L
Magnesium 1,8 mg/L
Potassium 0,9 mg/L
Sodium 11 mg/L

A Report with SIC.

Discover the (re)birth of a water with the guarantee of purity and a unique social responsibility positioning.


Our commitment with Nature

Thinking about the future and the environment, Águas do Caramulo relies on 25% PET bottles, in the 0.50 L format, always appealing to the fact that its plastic is 100% Recyclable.

We adopt an Ecogreen concept, promoting our "Always Recycling Cycle".

Águas do Caramulo are pioneers in this innovation.
For Canal Horeca (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés) the bet on the Premium Bottle is that the bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic.

We expect that in 3 years and with a growing concern to live in a circular and sustainable economy, our bottles will be 100% RPET.

For any further information please contact us.